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"Music, food, love and books. What more could you need?"

8/2/05 06:34 pm - You all have wonky teeth.

holy i haven't updated in years. first things first....HAHAHAHA I HAVE NO BRACES AND YOU ALL DO (not).

exams are over. yay. so is work experience. boo. i loved it, SO much fun. we all went out on the last day of the history exam to celebrate and that was muchos fun but gutting because thats the same day my love got evicted from the big brother house :(

since the "holidays" began ive pretty much done fuck all, as in nothing very important. ive been out quite a lot but i think i could step it up a couple of notches *aye aye*.

my mom went away for two weeks with my brothers so yes i did have a free house which was mega fun. basically just had people over every day, my sisters friends came over every night and stayed till about 4 in the morning too. if you thought i couldn't eat more junk food than i currently do...you were very very wrong. a lot of it free junk food due to my sisters friend owning a take away shop.
it was quite gutting that 3 V.I.P(eople) were on holiday at the time. LOSERS.

then my grandad came back with my mom which obviously resulted in having a huge fuck off party on the friday and me having stab him with various injections every morning. the party was cool, i would post pictures but i have no idea how to. i think ive seen every relative i possibly could have in the last few weeks which also includes my great uncle and my dads cousin (so my uncle or second cousin or something?) being here today from pakistan, my dads cousin also happens to be very good looking and my mom said "when i married your dad and then met his cousin i realised i should have gotten to know the family first"....which i think means she thought PHWOAR.

hmmm what else? i finished harry potter, brilliant, she gets better and better but i really feel the need to write my own version of harry potter where he dies because hes a selfish bastard and he never listens and overall if i knew him id think he was a prick.

went to a babys aquiquah (naming ceremony), that was cool, my moms friend has married someone who is white and she is asian and the kids are more aryan than anyone i know but they have a slight tan. beautiful beautiful children and amazingly cute.

finally, courtesy of jenny...

"List ten songs that you are currently digging... it doesn't matter what genre they are from, whether they have words, or even if they're no good but they must be songs you're really enjoying right now. Post these instructions, the artists, and the ten songs in your blog. Then tag five other random people to see what they're listening to."

1. Goodbye My Lover - James Blunt
2. Neon - John Mayer
3. Cumbia De Los Muertos - Ozomatli
4. Heartbreaker - Pat Benetar
5. What Happens Tomorrow - Duran Duran
6. Body Experience - Millionaire
7. You Don't Own Me - Lesley Gore
8. Magic's In The Make-up - No Doubt
9. What's Your Number? - Cypress Hill
10. Truth Or Dare - N.E.R.D feat. Kelis

i tag anyone who reads it.

this has been downright boring, it feels like i should have written more, or at least something exciting.

6/2/05 09:22 pm - They say I can't but I do what I want to.

went to the dentist today and guess what....


in 4 weeks.

wicked cool or what?

went to sarahs to do some revision after much waiting outside block busters and looking at fit firemen.we did do quite a lot despite a lot of gossiping about nothing in particular and a 10 minute conversation about cheese. i taught her the blast furnace, hard water, acids, alkalis, bases, all the tests for positive ions plus results, all including formulae. plus we revised little bits of DNA and my revision book is stupidly complicated and half the stuff we have NEVER been taught..and thats biology..so i don't understand why we have never been taught stuff the stupid book has in it. and before you say, yes it is the right board.

missed selma for like the 2nd time which annoyed me a little seeing as i never got to speak to her for long last time. she wants me and my sister to go stay at hers with her new husband. dunno if i will, maybe after exams are over.

on another topic..big brother *LOVE NATION*. im loving Roberto and Maxwell, two of the funniest guys on the bloody planet. Roberto to win please, bitches voting him out just cuz hes funnier than they are..and people..please...LEARN TO TAKE A JOKE. people who i just don't like in the house Kemal (fuck off you annoyingly fakely camp twat), Sam (fake but amazingly pretty boring bitch), Vanessa (learn to speak properly you loser) and Craig who is annoying me a little, but i kinda feel sorry for him because he looks like a woman. not that there is anything wrong with that DUH but its not good when you are a guy really.
respect for Derek, Makosi, Saskia and Science who all showed that they can stick up for themselves when other people are being twats. and seriously just fuck off anthony, you really aren't all that hot.

on the same t.v addict subject. WHY DID REX DIE...WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY. BASTARD HAD TO FUCKING GO AND DIE. please don't kill fit Mike. what is WITH that new family? and....as IF we have to wait until EARLY NEXT YEAR. bastard.

last episode of E.R as well. gutted. not fair, all the good things are finishing which takes the piss seeing as they distracted me from revision and now they disappear as exams are kicking in and revision is starting to be over.

cute couples make me annoyed. they seem to be in excess recently which is making me lonely/jealous.

i had a dream that we were taking the Biology exam in my bedroom. for some reason me and KAT got to keep our exam papers for a few extra hours as they didn't realise we had them and we spent an hour looking in text books for answers as we couldn't answer half the paper and our time was running out, we had to give the papers back in 5 hours. my mom kept watch at the door to make sure the "modulator" wasn't coming. im pretty sure i meant "envigelator" (however you spell it) in my dream but seeing as the dream wasn't exactly realistic i don't think it matters.

5/30/05 07:34 pm - Me and my girls will be there, so tell your boys "prepare to share".

went to the fair thingy at cannon hill park. i didn't really want to go in the first place but then my sister made me. ended up going with like the whole family and then me aisha and my sister went off for a bit. had about 10 goes on the waltzers, even got one free because obviously i am the most beautiful girl and they all wanted to marry me...or because they forgot to get the money off us.

saw loads of people that i haven't seen in ages there. ali shah *phwoar* was there, not technically my friend at all in the slightest but hes friends with my sister and hes fit so there we go. that akbar guy from kwassis party was also there, i really don't think hes fit and hes a bit of a freak.

went to town on saturday and returned the shoes i bought from schuh. so now i have £35 vouchers for there. if anyone wants to get anything from schuh please...use the vouchers and give me the money.

also on saturday went for dinner at auntie kulwants house. uncle pagan,romy,jaya and gian went too. and so did this super cool judge guy who is now my dads best friend. they went to play golf today. me and romy had a cool time "ponding" as we put it. shes so damn mature, i can't believe shes bloody 13. snap for jaya, i can't believe shes only 14. those beautiful beautiful girls. i think i also heard janghirs voice breaking...was so sure that had already happened but obviously not. also found out that a certain ex boyfriend of romys, has an older brother ,who is not as innocent as we thought, aye aye, do i have to explain it or do you get the point?

count down to the summer holidays is certainly beginning. i damn well wish we didn't have to go on work experience, it kinda puts a damper on the whole "YAY EXAMS ARE FINISHED". plans should still be on for the last day of the history exam, and if they aren't, im going to damn well do them by myself.

shit i haven't handed in the cambridge trip money. that was probably in for first of july not june though.

maybe something more interesting will have happened next time i update.

5/26/05 05:13 pm - I want to...

I want to eat my weight in chocolate
I want to sleep all day and stay up all night
I want to read a good book
I want to listen to an amazing song
I want to know what it's like to be talented
I want to make milkshakes from scratch
I want to be a ballerina
I want to spend a whole day shopping
I want to want to revise
I want to meet an alien
I want to see something beautiful
I want to swing as high as i can on a swing
I want to have a 4 hour conversation with someone
I want to dance
I want to turn down someone gorgeous
I want to sing as loud as i can
I want to be young in the 80's
I want to sit in the sunshine
I want to have a party
I want to meet my soul mate
I want to tell the fat girl inside me to make an appearance
I want to go to a good party
I want to climb a tree
I want to re-decorate my bedroom
I want to go to a sleepover
I want to get more than 5 texts everyday
I want to be ghetto
I want to be just friends with an attractive guy and not fancy him
I want to be just friends with an attractive girl and not get jealous
I want to not cry when i watch titanic
I want to be cool
I want to be able to tell when people are lying
I want to steal sarah jessica parkers wardrobe
I want to grow 3 inches
I want to be able to cook
I want to stand up for myself
I want to stand up for someone else
I want to be make someone happy
I want to have a summer fling
I want to have bigger boobs
I want to be able to sow properly
I want to spend a day in the life of a model
I want to spend a day in the life of a genius
I want to spend a day in the life someone during world war II
I want to visit every country
I want to get married
I want to be a loser
I want to have a baby
I want to make pottery
I want to do some gardening
I want to have more excitement
I want to invent something
I want to be in Desperate Housewives
I want to win Big Brother
I want to play every instrument
I want to absail down the tallest building in the world
I want to go back to nursery and start again
I want to fast forward into the future
I want to know a secret
I want to write a book
I want to be preppy
I want to meet Britney Spears
I want to hurt Hitler and Stalin
I want to tell Christina Aguilera to stop looking like a dirty slag
I want to grow my hair so long I can sit on it
I want to be swept off my feet
I want to meet someone new
I want to get my belly button pierced
I want to have a flatter stomach before I get my belly button pierced
I want to go to the countryside and look at the stars
I want to take photos that aren't digital and make an album
I want to be independant
I want to watch Button Moon
I want to be fitter
I want to know what it's like to be in love
I want to know what happened to the other guy from Wham
I want to go to the moon
I want to be saved by Superman
I want to go to a wicked gig
I want to make up a cheesy dance routine
I want to kick someones ass
I want to find the end of a rainbow
I want to speak 10 different languages
I want to watch every episode of The Simpsons ever made
I want to own an address book so full i have to buy another one
I want to win an olympic gold medal
I want to take a gap year and do charity work
I want to be cute
I want to know what it's like to have my heart broken
I want to meet someone who has done something wonderful
I want to meet someone who has seen something extraordinary
I want to buy something they don't make anymore
I want to find everything I ever lost
I want to understand why money was ever invented
I want to learn something new
I want to listen to songs I forgot existed
I want to be funky
I want to learn from a mistake
I want to own a tiger
I want to read War and Peace
I want to laugh so hard I cry
I want to drive all across America
I want to be the first person to fly
I want to be totally unreasonable and get my way

I want to stop now.

5/24/05 03:04 pm - You're Beautiful.

My life is brilliant.

My life is brilliant,
My love is pure,
I saw an angel,
Of that im sure.
She smiled at me on the subway,
She was with another man,
But I won't lose any sleep at night,
Because I've got a plan.

You're beautiful.
You're beautiful.
You're beautiful its true.
I saw your face,
In a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
Beacuse I'll never be with you.

Yes she caught my eye,
As I walked on by.
She could see from my face,
that I was, fucking high.
I dont think that I will see her again,
But we shared a moment,
That will last until the end.

You're beautiful.
You're beautiful.
You're beautiful its true.
I saw your face,
In a crowded place,
And I don't know what to do,
Beacuse i'll never be with you.

La na na na
La na na na
La na na na na na

You're beautiful.
You're beautiful.
You're beautiful its true.
There must be an angel,
With a smile on her face,
When she thought up that,
I should be with you.

But it's time to face the truth
I will never be with you.

5/22/05 08:16 pm - One word breaks the code of silence...

its been TIME since i last updated, which is kinda normal. although i do read everyone elses regularly, i just cant be bothered to do my own.

so we are well into study leave, and i actually feel like im doing less than nothing. bits and pieces here and there do NOT make for good revision. tomorrow i plan to read the whole of LOTF and re learn some poems that i know nothing about as well as going over all the music revision i can do for a listening exam, which really seems to be not a lot.

i really really really really can't wait until these exams are over. ive gotten to the point where im so bored with them that i just want to do them all tomorrow and get it over with. R.S in particular, i hate answering those damn questions. could they be any more boring?

stand down day was wicked. the whole class came to my house and it was really fun. im not too sad that it's over because no one is leaving from 11Z and i think im really ready for the change of form. But over this year ive realised how much i did like our form and i think we ended on a good note. another year and we might have killed each other. next year i have some really cool people in my form, but i will most definitely miss not being in a form with sarah, jenny and narelle. having been with them since year 7 its definitely going to be weird. that goes for pritti and kelly too although we havent really been "together" this year.

drayton manor was also really fun despite us all deciding to die and be ill. also those fucking kevs pissed me off, cheeky bastards should learn some manners. and that EVIL man who wouldnt let us on the cars. well he can just wait until work experience, im going to get one of the younglings and not get off that ride for the whole day. ageist bastard. how can you be TOO OLD to go on a ride which doesnt even have a HEIGHT specification. stupid POO.

i got my haircut. it sucks. why the HELL did i take 2 inches off it? im such a stupid idiot. its going to look so dumb curly. at least ill be able to tie it up/have it straight until i decide im happy with it curly. and my hair grows pretty fast...so ill be all set by summer maybe once its grown out a bit. it doesnt look THAT bad at the moment because its straight but i miss my long hair now.

saw star wars...bloody AMAZING. i love love love love love love love love star wars. and yes pffft i am a big fat geek. i swear one day i will marry ewan mcgregor...well maybe not marry, i hear he cheats on his wife regularly so that could work for me until im married to him.

on the note of celebrities, britneys new T.V show should be coming out soon YEAH COOLNESS. i badly want to see her bump...little britney babies YAY.

i hear mother is going to india to get my grandad for about 2 weeks...in july when our exams have finished...but it might clash with work experience...heres hoping it doesn't.

as jenny would say...GO BUFFALO GO! WOOOO YEAHHHHHHHH WOOOOOOOO *cowboy loop things*

4/1/05 09:15 pm - vladmir likes politics

could i have had any less sleep?

ive been home for about 6 hours in the last 3 days.

so chemistry revision classes were just eye opening...in all fairness i learnt about 10 things i didnt know in the first place. mr sherwood is a complete sdlkjasdkljhglasdhhfdsz.

guys party....that was fucking "interesting" and that is really the only way you can put it..seriously.
it started off extremely eventful with us visiting sarahs house for no reason and then walking for about 10 hours while i needed to visit the ladies the WHOLE time. and i promise...one of these days i will ring up the council and complain about the lack of 69s i recieved :P it wouldnt have been that bad if it hadnt been pissing down with rain, but it was an adventure i guess and joshua jones, who lives wherever he goes, because he was a sailor, and thats the life he knows, kept me company the whole time.

On the way we had an amazingly fun car journey which involved me kat and jenny singing along to the killers with our alter ego personalitys, which also made sarah feel like a skitzophrenic as we just continued to speak with these diferent accents over the top of each other while the rest of the car was silent. it so amusing how many different accents me and jenny have.when we finally got there, bastard man wouldnt let us in, but then charlie managed to get the barman who was nice to us last time to let us in. i think he vaguely recognised me but im not sure, wasnt easy to forget him because last time he was very friendly with his hugging and kissing.

it was slightly dead when we got in there, but then after a while quite a few people turned up. the music was pretty shite to begin with, but when hot ben (rochelles brother) finally started djing it livened up a lot. it was nice seeing rochelle too cuz i havent seen her in quite a while, not even on the way to school. she was gutted i wasnt going home cuz she wanted to share a taxi, something about ben being a bastard and them not talking. she was also flirting lots with this HOT guy who was 16 !! he seriously looked about 19, lucky bitch always gets the fit ones.

dre and kwassi were also there which was nice. kosta too...but im not too fond of him. dre i love completely to bits. im pretty sure he thinks of me as a little sister type figure which i kinda like. he was insistent on poking me every time i saw him which made me laugh lots especially seeing as i never worked out it was him.

now on to the worst parts of the evening...

well it started off fine while we were all together, although most people did not want to dance at all..and that was definitely what i was in the mood for the most. and then once people started dancing ( or trying to) it was cool. then kat left us for james..which is fair enough in her own right. im also not too sure whether james is right for her which worries me slightly but i guess she has to learn it herself. he did seem to be alrite except when i was outside talking to raf and his friend ,who i do not like at all, he made some slightly pricky comments...but that could just be a "ive got hot hardys daughter so im going to show off in front of my mates" type thing. well...lets just see what happens.

the next..was...shane. bloody hell shane and the other james. i think thats enough said.i think it was partly to do with nick being a complete and utter wanker. what kind of ex boyfriend of 18 months does stupid things like nick did ?

but apart from that it was a pretty fun night. i love dancing. way too much. dancing with jenny, tara, charlie, aisha, sarah and immy was fun. waseem is also one of my best dancing partners especially when he is completely drunk. he is just so camp its brilliant.
dancing with random drunk kev and trying to get someone to get me away from him was not fun...although once id finally got away from him...i realised he was quite fit, which made me quite chuffed. except he was a bit drunk. also dancing with ali...thank god for tara, i think he was a bit offended that i openly RAN away from him. but what could i have said to him? "i dont fancy you...i dont want to dance with you. im enjoying being single. fuck off." so i opted for just pure running away which gave him the same message.

so that was that.

then me and jenny had a good gossip on the bus home which is always wicked. i got home to find id been locked out...so i called auntie kulwant and she came and picked me up. i ended up staying the night there. jangir had his friend from oxford ( where they used to live ) over, and he was surprisingly good looking. but alas...15 years of age :P

i did fuck all today when i got home. i really should have done some work but instead i spent most of my day reading archangel by robert harris. ever since ms johnson said something about it in history i had to actually finish it, and i understood way more of it this time around since we've actually finished russian history now. i guess that counts as history revision as it is about stalin. theres also quite a bit about lenin, kruschev, trotsky and russia in general. just have to realise that some of it is actually fiction.

3/27/05 05:01 pm

carol ann duffy is the most amazing poet ever.this is what revision does to you...actually makes you like something in a subject that you cant stand because sometimes there really is no point analysisng something that wasnt meant to be analysed in the first place.
like the fact that we had to analyse "to kill a mockingbird" when the writer said that it wasnt meant to be analysed...but we did it anyway because it somehow makes us smarter.

revision doesnt help because it reminds me of all stuff i dont know/dont remember/never learnt, so when i try to learn it, it pushes out all the information that i did know/remember/learnt.

Valentine by Carol Ann Duffy

Not a red rose or a satin heart.

I give you an onion.
It is a moon wrapped in brown paper.
It promises light
like the careful undressing of love.

It will blind you with tears
like a lover.
It will make your reflection
a wobbling photo of grief.

I am trying to be truthful.

Not a cute card or a kissogram.

I give you an onion.
Its fierce kiss will stay on your lips,
possessive and faithful
as we are,
for as long as we are.

Take it.
Its platinum loops shrink to a wedding-ring,
if you like.

Its scent will cling to your fingers,
cling to your knife.

3/26/05 08:52 am

god i forgot two of the most important things ever.

1) miss hill has left which was totally depressing because she was great. i want her to come back with the baby because i NEED to see. the bets are on that shes having a girl. she just looks like she is. i HOPE she is. shed be such a great mom.

2) MICHEL (L)(L)(L) mwahahaha. yeah ok so hes about 2-3 years younger than me but its not as if i fancy him! and no im not actually in love with him..i just love him. there is a big fat difference. he is the most beautiful little thing ever. goodness knows where he learnt to breakdance but hes was awesome. on that note revolutions was quite good. i always knew arun was a good dancer, i did say that before i even knew he was in revolutions. *see other entries*. cassies voice also seems to have gotten more beautiful or maybe it just really suits being all gospel.

3/26/05 08:23 am

so i'll thank Lydia for reminding me that i actually have one of these things.

i havent updated for so long that i cant really remember all the stuff that has happened.

ok the half term was good, taras party was realy good but that was way too long ago to talk about.

more recently, rakhi broke up with faisal went out with faisal and broke up with him again. vicki and nick are O V E R...blame 6ft6 giants and alcohol. i think she saw it coming more than he did. gutting.
vickis jennys and taras phones have been nicked. thank cassies party for the first two and some twat/twats at school who decided it would be fun to steal 50 valuables in ONE DAY. dumb shits.
cassies party was quite good, there were a fair few drunk people there but oh well the music was really good. narelle and ross...go girl go girl go girl. im seriously loving that half naked picture of him on her phone just...what a body.
thats another thing, the scarletts gig. totally AMAZING. it was sooooooo fucking good. and yes there were TWO certain drunk people there too...but ah well it was still really fun. andy (hotness) has a fan club now, and jenny (HOTness) has one too. poor poor poor alex, someone should tell him we all love him really.
Les mis...that was really good. BRYN FUCKING GARROD. god i nearly died about 600 times when i saw him. why does he have to be soooooo damn hot?
marriage has been the topic of everyones conversation for the last couple of days, so the order goes that vicki gets married first, then kat, then jenny, then sarah and then me. there was some reason jenny had to go before sarah and sarah has to be married before me because shes marrying ross garrod so that bryn realises he loves me at the wedding and asks me to marry him. and i also bagsied maid of honour at all of their weddings :) if im not...ill kill whoever i have to until i am.

i finally got my nose pierced but its behaving very strangely, thats the last time i get anything pierced from oasis market.
fatty skinny and dad have all fucked off to holland so yay the house is quiet. sana just got back from visiting a uni so it was just me and mom for a few days. however i decided to take advantage and invited people over. that was really cool, i spent most of this morning and yesterday afternoon trying to make my jeans into a presentable skirt, as did everyone else pretty much. we should do it again, i love it when there is a big group of us all just chatting. would have loved it even more if vicki kat and rakhi had come and if hailey had been able to stay over.

dont see constantine. its not good its not bad it is scary but its not. sounds confusing? trust me, it is.

so i think pretty much all of us are going to go to thingys party on wednesday. i hope that people dont get off their head pissed because its not fun for everyone else. tipsy/quite drunk is fair enough just not too drunk that i spend the whole night worrying about them.
but apart from that i hope its good. rafid best get jenny and tara a ticket otherwise im not going either.

i should really be doing some revision but i cant be bothered. im so badly going to fail physics.

i want to see hanson and i want to see them NOW.
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